Yamaha launches used bike sales program in the UK

Stuck in rainy England, and need to ride south in the sun… but you’re skinny? If you want a motorcycle, but can’t afford a new one, Yamaha is opening up its Certified Pre-Owned vehicle sales program to UK customers. This should save you money on your next bike, while shopping with peace of mind.

Yamaha says bikes in this program must undergo a mileage survey, to make sure the odometer reading is correct. They also check that there are no outstanding loans on the machine or other financial problems. The title obviously has to be clean (bike theft is a huge problem in the UK). Yamaha’s web page for the used program also states that each bike undergoes a “meticulous examination,” which should hopefully eliminate any mechanical issues, as long as you trust the keys from the dealership. All bikes come with a 12 month warranty and Yamaha Motor Roadside Assistance, should you have any problems.

Additionally, Yamaha’s UK website offers a convenient one-stop shopping destination for machines in this program. Enter your zip code on the site, the models you’re interested in, the distance you’re willing to travel to watch a bike, and the monthly payment you’re comfortable with, then you can choose from nearby dealers. offerings.

Sign of the times?

So dealers are selling used bikes, big deal, right?

Dealerships have always sold used machines, but it’s never been so organized before. Yamaha’s latest used program in the UK is a continuation of a program launched in Europe. Elsewhere, Triumph has run a similar program for some time, and Harley-Davidson does as well (see our previous article here).

Why this sudden interest in second-hand sales, rather than new machines? There are two big reasons. First, there is a lot of easy money to be made by financing bikes. Why do you think the used Yamaha website has an option to determine your loan payment, but not outright pricing?

Second, it is becoming increasingly difficult for dealers to find new bikes for showrooms. If they can’t sell new machines, why not sell used ones? If there is money to be made in the powersports industry, obviously dealers want in on the action.

Undoubtedly, there are other considerations as well, including access to financing options for the dealers themselves. Expect more of these arrangements in the coming years, heralded by more and more companies, unless the supply chain magically mends itself.

Earnest L. Veasey