Very cool? / Super73 presents a prototype electric motorcycle homologated for the road

California-based e-bike maker SUPER73 just launched a bunch of new bikes on the market for 2022, but one entry in particular stood out: a road-legal electric prototype motorbike called the Concept SUPER73-C1X.

According to a press release from SUPER73, the C1X is indeed heading into production, with the end of 2023 as the target. The C1X has impressive stats and cool ideas, including an urban range of 100 miles and “a top speed of over 75 mph, allowing it to bridge the gap between urban exploration and road connectivity”. The C1X rolls on 15-inch solid-disc wheels that give it a low 31-inch seat height, and it has a fast-spinning 51-inch wheelbase. Battery and motor details were not specified, but SUPER73 said a fast charge that takes the battery to 80% in an hour would be standard. Just to be clear, it doesn’t have pedals like the other SUPER73 models. Here’s a bunch of photos, more news below.

From the photos we can deduce that the C1X is a riders only machine with chain drive (instead of a belt drive a la Zero’s bikes), with a beefy front petal disc brake and a sturdy mated swingarm monoshock rear suspension. Slim LED signals protrude front and rear, and a set of stacked dual-beam LED headlights and halo light the way ahead. A small pod indicates speed and battery level. Production machines will also have mirrors, unless we get rearview and 360-degree all-around coverage using RideVisor’s AR 9000 helmets by the time the C1X hits the streets. Could happen!

The style is, well, unusuallooking a bit like something that escaped from tron the legacy and ended up in Mario Kart. EV batteries are very space intensive while transmissions are typically small, so the C1X places the drive motor in the space between the swingarm pivot and the rear wheel, leaving maximum clearance for the battery – and maybe a storage compartment? SUPER73 says the setup “removed chain slack issues seen with conventional motorcycles.” In general, the move to electric drivetrains in cars, trucks, and motorcycles (and everything, really) frees up designers to move things around in ways that would be difficult or impossible with gasoline engines.

Photo: Super73

The C1X occupies a curious niche in the world of motorcycling. That’s faster than the current crop of 125cc minimotos, which are generally not highway legal. but at 75mph in the lead, it’s slower than many maxi-scooters it’s closer to. Riders should be aware that they will need approval (and registration and insurance) to legally ride the C1X; it is not the equivalent of a 50cc scooter. SUPER73 has apparently taken these issues into consideration with the C1X, saying it will be “an ideal platform for racers looking to pass the DMV road test.” However, bringing any motor vehicle to legal DOT specifications can be a grueling bureaucratic task, so good luck to SUPER73. At least they don’t have to worry about meeting noise and emissions regulations.

That SUPER73 chose to launch a machine like the C1X isn’t entirely surprising, as their “e-bikes” are clearly geared heavily towards the e-scooter side of the e-mobility spectrum, with a few pedals added to the in case you run out of battery. . There’s a reason no one rides one to get a good workout; they are dedicated urban fun electric machines with joysticks. However, it’s a bit of a surprise that SUPER73 has pushed the level of performance far beyond the 125cc minimoto class. In photos sent in by SUPER73, the C1X is taller than most newer minibikes like the Grom and Z125, with a seat height of 31 inches, so expect somewhat roomy ergonomics despite the size wheels of a scooter. Say what you will style, it looks like a fun ride. SUPER73 says the C1X has been in development for over a year. The company was first launched in 2016 and is based in Irvine, California.

Photo: Super73

In the motorcycle industry, there has been a lot of talk about electric bikes and minibikes as the first introduction to motorcycling fun for people who may not have thought of themselves as motorcyclists. SUPER73 says they believe the C1X will “deliver an ‘improved’ vehicle over current SUPER73 offerings, elevating adventures by achieving motorcycle performance with significantly reduced size and weight.” Much like the old Honda Monkeys, minbikes, and small enduro bikes of the 1960s and 1970s that kicked off the “golden age” of gas-powered motorcycling, e-bikes and ideas like the C1X could put more new riders on full-size, gas and electric bikes. For some, a 75mph e-bike that can go up and down highways may be the gas-free commuter solution they’ve been looking for.

Things like price, total weight, engine horsepower, torque, battery size and so on weren’t specified by SUPER73, but if you must have a C1X when it debuts, you can hold a spot in line for (of course) $73. What do you think of the C1X? Leave a comment below.

More new SUPER73 models (which are not prototypes)

Photo: Super73

SUPER73 also announced updates and new models with the C1X prototype. The new budget model SUPER73-Z Miami (above) is a refresh/redesign of one of their original bikes, the Z1. The updated Z Miami is a single-speed, hard-fat cruiser with a top speed of 28 mph and a range of between 20 and 50 miles thanks to its removable under-seat 615-watt-hour battery, depending on how much you pedal. that you are ready to pedal. And yes, it has a throttle for freewheeling.

Photo: Super73

Riders looking for a bit more comfort and range can upgrade to the SUPER73-R Brooklyn, which the company says will be focused on “street performance.” That means a top speed of 28 mph, full suspension with a rear monoshock, forks and a 2,300W peak power motor. And those pedals. Larger 960W hour battery can reach 40 miles or more depending on how much 325 pound ‘ebike’ pedals you want.

The Miami and Brooklyn are both single-speed machines, but buyers can opt for a 10-speed rear derailleur if they intend to sweat it out. Bike bells, fenders, turn signals and more are optional. Returning 2021 models such as the more all-terrain oriented RX get bold new colors and more aggressive tires for fun in the dirt.

Finally, Super 73 enters the children’s bicycle market with a new Youth Series of e-bikes that include pedal-less balance bike-style machines with rear hub motors and removable batteries.

Photo: Super73

SUPER73 says kids’ bikes will go on sale later this year and will include models suitable for riders aged 4 to 8. The little bikes feature BMX styling, throttle levers, fat tires, and even disc brakes. No price has been announced.

Earnest L. Veasey