Veo shares the results of the inaugural user survey

Over 50% of car journeys could be replaced by micromobility vehicles, says Veo CEO

CHICAGO, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veothe first profitable micromobility company, recently completed its first annual user survey to better understand user demographics and use cases, gather feedback and track progress as the company continues to expand its footprint and to market new modes of shared micromobility.

The survey highlighted that Veo’s partnerships with more than 30 cities across the United States are encouraging more people to get out of their personal vehicles and use micromobility options as their preferred mode of transportation.

“Whenever we speak with city leaders, one statistic always comes up at the top of the discussion: About 50% of car trips in urban areas are five kilometers or less,” said Candice Xie, CEO of VEO and co-founder. “Robust micromobility programs paired with safe travel lanes can replace those short car trips, providing an affordable, more sustainable and fun form of transportation. As prices for new and used vehicles continue to rise, inventories remain low, gasoline prices rise and concern for climate change increases, now is a pivotal time for micromobility.”

Veo surveyed over 1,600 riders in over 30 markets across the United States. Respondents included women (38%) and men (52%) ranging in age from 18 to 56+.

2022 Veo Driver Survey Highlights

Why people ride:

  • 83% – to visit friends and family
  • 57% – to get to work
  • 53% – shopping
  • 49% – for fun
  • 43% – to reduce vehicle use
    • 18% said they were able to eliminate the use of their personal vehicle
    • 25% reported a decrease in the use of personal vehicles

Nearly half of respondents also indicated that micromobility has made travel more affordable, and more than 52% of respondents across all income brackets indicated that access to Veo was important to them.

Veo has a mixed-use fleet of six vehicle types in U.S. markets, and the company plans to further expand its portfolio in 2022. When it comes to vehicle types, survey respondents prefer different options:

  • 34% of riders prefer the Cosmo range of seated electric scooters and Class 2 e-bikes, designed to allow riders of varying body shapes and physical abilities to travel longer distances while maintaining balance and control.
  • 31% of riders opt for the Astro stand-up scooter, which features the industry’s first integrated turn signal and front and rear suspension.
  • 5% prefer the Halo e-bike, which has a torque sensor that automatically adapts to the rider’s pedaling to assist when needed.
  • 2% prefer the Halo pedal bike.
  • 18% had no vehicle preference.
  • 11% were unsure of their preference.

“Offering a mixed-use fleet is critical to the success of any shared micromobility program. Veo’s diverse vehicles increase access to a broader set of riders and provide opportunities for more diverse use cases,” said Edwin Tan, co-founder and president of Veo. “As found in the survey, in some cities, older riders prefer the seated Cosmo electric scooter up to three times more than the standing Astro version.

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