The best scooter for beating Squeeze gas?

The crazy guys at FortNine are back, with a new video showcasing the ultimate solution to nearly every traffic problem in North America: the humble 49cc scooter.

After watching this, American and Canadian riders should be asking themselves: why aren’t scooter manufacturers getting this message across?

Motorized two-wheeler sales have stagnated in North America since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. There are several reasons for this, and we have already discussed them here. A changing societal attitude towards gasoline engines, the rise of the dopamine rush on smartphones, a decrease in discretionary income – industry insiders have debated these issues for a decade. The question often boils down to this: How do you get people interested in motorcycles? And now we have our answer: fuel prices.

The scooters, as this video points out, get excellent fuel economy (the Ruckus hits 120 mpg in this test!). A modern step can get twice the miles per gallon of a Toyota Prius, at one-tenth the price (a scooter can also be cheaper than a high-end bike!).

What do you say – still concerned about the environmental impact? Not only does a scooter get better fuel economy than the Prius, it also requires a lot less raw materials to manufacture, so you’re saving the planet on that front as well. And, since it’s much cheaper, you don’t have to work as long to earn the money to buy it, which should theoretically reduce its impact even further. Win-win.

And, you can drive these things on a car license, in most jurisdictions. Stop at a showroom, show some money, pick out a helmet, call your insurer, go.

So, again: why aren’t manufacturers working overtime to promote these things?

Earnest L. Veasey