Saudi resident is Uber’s top Middle East driver for 2021, with 1,706 trips

Dubai: How many rides did you hitchhike on Uber in the last year? Did that come close to the 1,706 trips one made to Saudi Arabia, which made him the most frequent user of the Uber app in the Middle East in 2021? This is enough for up to four journeys for the Saudi resident – ​​every day.

Drivers were also busy, warding off the downtime imposed by the 2020 pandemic. The app’s top drivers completed 7,613 rides in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, while another, in Cairo, made 6,978 trips, and a driver in Dubai made 4,244.

Image Credit: Supplied

“One of our top priorities in 2022 will be to help the mobility technology industry recover and grow as we work towards realizing our overarching vision of a convenient, smart and affordable mobility ecosystem. sustainable,” the company, which owns Careem, said in a statement. declaration. “We will continue to be bold, using Uber’s technology fused with our hyperlocal approach to innovate faster.

“We are more focused than ever on making Uber the best platform for employees while championing the empowerment of women across the region, through initiatives like Wusool, Uber’s largest grant-supported program in the world. “

In total, Uber drivers in the MENA region received 109.54 million 5-star rated rides last year – which translates into tips – compared to 2020.

Destination access points

As tourism and recreation have recovered, calls for Uber rides to the most popular locations have also increased.

Popular travel destinations were the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt with 14,747 trips, the Burj Khalifa generated 319,596 trips and Riyadh Boulevard became one of the top destinations in Saudi Arabia. And “as restrictions eased, runners enjoyed a revival of their social life, with Zamalek ranking as the No. 1 nightlife destination in Egypt with 669,222 trips.”

Earnest L. Veasey