Rider’s Republic’s Best Snowboard Races

Snowboarding is the type of extreme sport most of us would love to try, but it’s not out of fear or simply lack of accessibility to where you can snowboard. However, there is no need to worry since Riders Republic offers one of the best virtual snowboarding experiences in years. It’s by far the most satisfying sport to play in the game, with responsive and intuitive controls.

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Along with great gameplay, the places you venture to during these snowboarding adventures are mesmerizing to watch. Crunchy snow, cold air and towering mountains combine to create a fantastic atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re actually in the big Alps. Here are the best races you’ll want to check out.

ten Hold Your Breath – Grand Teton – Albright Peak

Republic of Cavaliers.  Snowboarding in deep snow.  Dressed in a bright yellow jacket.

There’s no doubt you’ll be holding your breath as you race through this thrilling stage, rushing to the finish line. It’s a straight shot all the way with only a few broken trees and bumpy patches of snow to trip you up. The best way to play Hold Your Breath racing is to opt for using a snowboard rather than skis as it will be more useful with long term speed.

Although it is a simple race, it stands out because of this. Its simplicity makes it the ideal solution for replaying when you have little time to spare.


9 Killing Moon – Sequoia – General Highway

Republic of Cavaliers.  Snowboard with purple lighting.  Wear a yellow jacket when approaching the checkpoint.

If titles alone were enough to make a big level, Killing Moon would already be in contention; fortunately, the level design is also stellar. Featuring all the entertaining aspects of Riders Republic including fast-paced gameplay, competitive nature, and unique screen filters. Everything comes together to provide an exciting journey into the mountains of Sequoia.

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There are rolling hills and AI players who are very competitive with how often they encounter you. Of course, players will encounter you in most stages, but this is amplified in Killing Moon for some reason.

8 Shoulder to shoulder – Mammoth – Dragon Alley

Republic of Cavaliers.  Wearing a bright yellow jacket, skiing in the snow.

Try to make your way through Elbow To Elbow without even a scratch, as you are unlikely to complete the stage without falling or hitting obstacles at least once. The whole stage is a wide expanse of terrain with tight turns that make it difficult to turn without slowing down more than you would like.

This makes it much easier for those pesky players to knock you out of first place because they’ve somehow mastered the art of spinning without bumping into absolutely anything.

seven For Real – Grand Teton – Teewinot Forest

Republic of Cavaliers.  Snowboarding dinosaur costume.

Riders Republic is the strongest evidence for the existence of dinosaurs. Just look at the dinosaur, which is very real and not a costume that you can buy from the in-game store. And as an adorable dinosaur, you face the Teewinot forest located in Grand Teton, which is filled to the brim with snow and trees.

It’s a really fun day out with a track that balances challenge and fun exceptionally well. The tight stitches are delicate but not so much that it becomes infuriating.

6 Ridge TV Multiball – Grand Teton – Spalding Falls

Republic of Cavaliers.  Yellow jacket riding on snowboard in deep snow.

Acting as one of the big snowboarding events in the game, Ridge TV Multiball is full of stiffness bumps in the ground that force you to keep a lot of control over where your character is headed. These little bumps may not seem like a nuisance but can seriously throw you off course, forcing you to back up so you don’t miss the checkpoint you just overlooked.

Some of these checkpoints are also sneakily hidden, so be sure to check the minimap at the top of the screen. But above all, have fun and don’t neglect this race; it’s one of the best Riders Republic has to offer.

5 Red Bull Homerun – Grand Teton – Grand Teton

Republic of Cavaliers.  Riding on skis in the snow wearing an orange jacket.  Trees ahead.

Hit the slopes is a fantastic way to unwind before the end of the day, especially when it comes to virtually Red Bull Homerun. This long trip up the mountainside is nice to control when using the skis especially. Much of the time spent running will be moving your character from side to side in order to stay in line with checkpoints.

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Grand Teton has many well-built races due to the height of its mountains, but Red Bull Homerun is by far one of the best. If the thrill is what you’re after, the Homerun scene is a standout candidate.

4 Ridge TV Snow Rush – Mammoth – Dragon Alley

Republic of Cavaliers.  Yellow jacket riding on red skis in the snow.  Checkpoint in front.

Optional objectives provide some of the best reliable replayability in Riders Republic stages. Those in Ridge TV Snow Rush focus on how fast you can complete the level, which is only more entertaining with how the race forces you to dodge the many obstacles ahead.

Once you get the rhythm down, these will be easy to dodge, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not incredibly satisfying every time you do it.

3 Salomon In One – Mammoth – Eagle Lodge

Republic of Cavaliers.  Orange jacket on skis in the snow.

Set in both Mammoth and Yosemite, Salomon In One gives you plenty to play with. There are ramps, steep ledges and twisty turns, all allowing you to increase your speed just in time to pull off impressive tricks. Tricks are entirely optional in races, but you’ll feel ten times cooler if you manage to land them by coming in first place and not falling.

Due to the game’s genre-mixing, it’s fun to try out the optional objectives and see how well you do.

2 8 scoops – Grand Teton – Grand Teton

Republic of Cavaliers.  Snowboarding in deep snow.  Bright atmosphere.  Wear a yellow jacket.

Speed ​​constantly comes into play in Riders Republic. After all, this is a critical aspect. But this is especially prevalent in 8 Ball, where you’ll go at increasingly faster speeds from the start of the race. This is by no means a difficult step, but it is not necessary. the level design with where everything is placed and the visual style of the stage brings it a step above most races.

If you manage to maintain that speed throughout the race, you probably won’t spot your teammates until you cross the finish line, which must be quite embarrassing for them.

1 Pathfinder – Grand Teton – Corbet Corridor

Republic of Cavaliers.  Snowboard in snow with checkpoint ahead.  Wear a yellow jacket.

If you needed further proof of the awesome snowboard control in Riders Republic, there’s always the Pathfinder race that’s sure to win you over; so much is in this level. There are the long snowy sections where you’ll be accelerating all the way, but also the tight turns and ramps to launch yourself and perform tricks.

It’s all here, and it works wonderfully because of it. If you want to test your snowboarding skills, Pathfinder is a good one to keep in mind. since you can use this level to practice all the tools you might need to master your snowboard.

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