Police seize electric motorcycle and search for driver

Bradford on Avon POLICE are trying to identify the owner of an electric motorcycle whose vehicle was seized after he was seen driving it dangerously.

The man – believed to be a local youth – was reported to police by residents who alleged he was recklessly driving his vehicle in the town.

He was seen standing on the bike and doing “wheelies” with the front wheel off the ground.

The mystery biker was causing problems for pedestrians and cyclists using the Kennet & Avon Canal roads, pavements and towpath.

In a statement, Acting Inspector James Twyford said: ‘Following reports of unsafe driving in the town, by electric motorbike riders abusing the towpath and canal paths; we seized one of the bikes involved.

“A man remains wanted but the bike in question has been more appropriately relocated to our estate store.

“We have team members who love motorcycles as much as anyone else in the cycling community; but we will not tolerate conduct that endangers the public.

“Electric motorcycles of this type are not toys; the seized bike requires an A2 motorcycle licence, insurance and a rider who has enough common sense to ride in appropriate places, using both wheels.

Earnest L. Veasey