Oh good: now Barcelona are getting those noise cameras

California does. The UK does. The French tried it, the Canadians too. And now the city of Barcelona has pledged to try new “noise cameras” in a bid to crack down on overly noisy vehicles.

Translation: They automate the fight against noisy pipes. They’re careful not to target motorcycles, because that ends up causing rowdiness in the courtroom, but those programs inevitably start when blat-blat open-ride bikes make their way through urban settings and infuriate locals. . These locals then complain to the police, who don’t have the manpower (and often the will) to do anything about it. The solution is an automated camera system, which detects excessively noisy bikes and sends the tickets by post.

In Barcelona, Moto.it reports that authorities are considering a three-month pilot project to assess the cameras’ capabilities. From there, presumably, the governance of the Spanish city will decide whether or not this technology is suitable in the long term.

So far, we haven’t seen the potential fines to be levied. As Moto.it points out, around the world, depending on the jurisdiction you live in, authorities have a wide range of financial slaps for tickets handed out by these cameras. Sometimes, when used in pilot programs, no fines are imposed – authorities just want to watch and see how many violators are caught, before investing in the system. Indeed, some jurisdictions rejected the camera technology, after early trials with early models revealed inefficiencies or other problems in the systems.

Earnest L. Veasey