Internet marvels at Uber driver’s ‘patience’ with ‘belligerent’ driver

An alleged Uber driver has received praise online for his patience with a ‘belligerent’ passenger.

Posting to Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” forum under the username u/StarsBear75063, the Dallas-based pilot wrote, “Is that what you want? Fine. The customer is always right!” The post garnered 12,700 upvotes and hundreds of supportive comments. It also sparked a conversation about dashcams. You can read the full message here.

The trip

In his post, u/StarsBear75063 said he had a surveillance camera installed inside his car, a detail listed on the Uber app and on signs posted on his car doors. Despite all the warnings, however, he said he recently picked up a rider who didn’t notice the camera until about five minutes into his trip.

“[T]the driver asked me what was on my rear view mirror [and] I told him it was my indoor camera. He got mad and told me to turn it off because he didn’t like such surveillance,” u/StarsBear75063 wrote.

An alleged Uber driver has received praise online for staying calm during a tense trip with a ‘belligerent’ Uber driver.

“I reminded him that the Uber app would have said there was a video recording…He could have declined the trip if there was a problem,” u/StarsBear75063 continued.

The passenger demanded that u/StarsBear75063 turn off the camera or “stop [the] trip.” So u/StarsBear75063 “left the freeway and stopped at a convenience store.”

“[The rider] acted a little stunned before yelling, “What the hell are you doing?” u/StarsBear75063 recalled. “I calmly said, ‘You said either I stop recording or I end the trip. Since I have no intention of stopping the recording, I’ll let you out here.'”

As the passenger yelled and swore, the driver opened the Uber app and gave the passenger a one-star rating with a note saying he didn’t feel safe. The driver then threatened to draw the attention of a nearby police officer if the driver did not get out of his vehicle.

“After taking a few more chopping blows and getting out, [the rider] threw his protein shake open at my head…That’s when I got a text from Uber support,” u/StarsBear75063 wrote. “They told me his account had been suspended… and [that] he would be charged a $75 cleaning fee.”

Can Uber drivers check in passengers?

Unfortunately, many Uber drivers have faced bad and downright “violent” behavior from passengers.

In March, for example, an Uber driver was repeatedly punched by a passenger after canceling a ride.

In April 2021, a passenger allegedly “sinked her teeth” into her Uber driver during a “violent rampage”.

And in 2019, two Las Vegas teenagers were arrested for allegedly attacking an Uber driver after he refused to take them.

With all of this in mind, Uber allows its drivers to install cameras to record their rides, which can be used to “provide evidence to Uber, law enforcement, or insurance companies in the event of a problem during a run,” according to the company’s website. There are, however, a few caveats.

“In some locations, local laws and regulations require a passenger to consent to being recorded. Please check your local laws to understand your responsibilities,” Uber advised before encouraging drivers to register their dashcams with the company.

Uber also reminded drivers that sharing recordings on social media or other public platforms is a violation of its community guidelines and could trigger an investigation.

Editors react

Many Redditors praised u/StarsBear75063’s patience, while some said the post illustrated why Uber drivers need dashcams.

“How could you be so patient? It’s unbelievably amazing how you can keep your cool [until] the end,” said u/Cloud9_Forest.

“You have the patience of an absolute saint,” u/HourOk2135 agreed.

“You are a better person than me OP [Original Poster]. The self-control you have shown is highly commendable!” exclaimed u/Totknax.

“Good on you. Still haven’t found a bellicose rider yet and hope I never will,” u/ChaoticGoodTath wrote.

u/Blekanly commented, “And that’s why sir we are checking in passengers, have a nice day.”

u/Ryugi added, “People like this are exactly why Uber drivers love using video recording in their vehicles.”

Newsweek has contacted u/StarsBear75063 for comment.

Earnest L. Veasey