How S’pore startup Rider Dome uses AI to prevent bike accidents

“Health is wealth”, “Safety first” and “Accidents are a second chance”.

We’ve all heard these slogans somewhere before, telling us to be careful and take better care of ourselves.

In a world where gigantic machines are commonplace, the human body is a remarkably fragile thing. And on the road – where vehicles travel at high speed in many directions – it can be difficult for everyone to ensure their own safety, let alone the safety of everyone else.

However, Singaporean startup Rider Dome is on a mission to improve road safety. Founded last year, it has developed driver assistance technology for motorcycles.

According to Yoav Elgrichi, co-founder and CEO of Rider Dome, he founded the company after he had a near miss while riding in Singapore.

After trying unsuccessfully to find and purchase a collision avoidance system for his motorcycle, Yoav decided to start Rider Dome, in addition to running his other business ImpacTech.

Rider Dome’s vital technology

Rider Dome collision warning system / Image credit: Rider Dome

Recognizing that current collision avoidance systems for cars were irrelevant for motorcycles, Yoav set out to develop something completely new from the ground up.

Rider Dome ultimately decided to use artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision in order to, as Yoav puts it, “give riders a ‘sixth sense’ while they ride.”

However, one of the problems the team faced was the difficulty of running their complex programming on a computer that could run on a small amount of electricity, yet was small enough to mount on a motorcycle to give useful and timely feedback to the rider.

They persevered, developed their technology in-house and entered into a partnership with the American company NVIDIA.

Once development was complete, Rider Dome produced a system that relied on front and rear cameras, along with an AI processing unit to analyze traffic around the rider.

This information would be transmitted to an alert unit near the motorcycle’s mirrors and dashboard, warning the rider if a frontal collision was imminent and letting him know if his blind spots were clear.

Not just the usual suspects

Dome Rider Deliveroo
Deliveroo is the first food delivery company to partner with Rider Dome / Image credit: Deliveroo

Rider Dome has launched pilot programs with Singaporean postal company Singpost and food delivery company Deliveroo, both of which have large fleets of motorcycles.

Yoav also shared that the company has attracted interest from other delivery companies – not just in Singapore, but around the world, although he declined to comment on specifics.

However, Rider Dome’s technology is not limited to motorcyclists alone. Part of their technology development has been to aggregate large amounts of data and allow fleet owners to monitor their fleet.

Rider Dome is also able to generate a safety profile for each rider and capture event videos. This has huge implications for insurance companies, which often have to deal with “he said she said” situations during accidents.

Insurance companies have also indicated that they want to offer differentiated insurance programs for riders who use Rider Dome and have reached out to Yoav for further discussion.

Government regulators are also jumping on the bandwagon. With all the data collected by Rider Dome, they are able to map crash hotspots and analyze why crashes occur, which would help city planners design safer roads and put in place proper signage.

Develop and adapt new technologies

singapore road cyclists
Cyclists on the road are vulnerable, Rider Dome can change that / Image credit: ActiveSG

Besides motorcyclists, Yoav also sees the potential for using Rider Dome’s technology for other road users.

“We plan in the future to have a solution for e-bikes and e-scooters… We see these motorized two-wheelers all over the world, some of which used to walk on sidewalks,” a- he declared.

“The government has encouraged them to go on the road for pedestrian safety, and they are quite vulnerable to traffic. This is where our system can help them. We see ourselves primarily in the business of saving lives.

While tech startups are common these days, what makes Rider Dome truly special is how they bring technology to consumers to improve road safety and save lives.

Featured Image Credit: Rider Dome

Earnest L. Veasey