An ideal bicycle helmet for every cyclist

Don’t like wearing a bike helmet? Guess what: no one does. But we should all be wearing one every time we hop into our favorite two-wheeled form of transportation. (If your favorite two-wheeled form of transportation is a motorcycle, I’ll double my point.)

Sure, I’ll admit to occasionally hopping on a carpool bike without a helmet – but whenever I can, I put on a bike helmet. I’ve been riding road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes for several decades now, not to mention a few years of healthy bike rides. I have never regretted wearing a helmet.

One thing I struggled to find, however, was a helmet that worked for all of those disciplines. A road bike helmet should be lightweight and well ventilated, a mountain bike helmet should provide ample coverage on either side of your head, and a commuter helmet should be simple, affordable and reliable.

I am happy to announce that I have ultimately found a headset that does all of these things. The POC Omne Air, especially the latest model with MIPS protection technology, is the best helmet I’ve ever had. I’ve been using it for two years now, originally wearing one with POC’s exclusive SPIN protection system. But now that they’ve released a MIPS version, I’m even more excited about it.

Omne Air MIPS Helmet



What’s good about the Omne Air MIPS

It is made for any type of bike

As I mentioned earlier, this helmet is equipped for any discipline. The Omne Air is equipped with MIPS Integra, which is the latest helmet technology, providing 360° protection against rotational impact, reducing the risk of concussion. You’ll find this technology built into many helmets these days, but certainly not all. This makes it a viable choice for mountain biking, gravel pounding, and road riding; Plus, having MIPS is a huge plus for a commuter helmet.

In fact, one of the first places I saw the helmet was on professional multi-race racer, Lachlan Morton, when he ventured through hundreds of miles of mixed terrain on a barbell adventure bike. fall. Running on road, gravel and MTB, he needed a versatile cover and the Omne Air was perfect for the job.

lachlan morton pro cyclist interview winter riding
You doubt the good faith of the helmet? Professional cyclist Lachlan Morton relies on it for his off-road adventures.

EF Pro Cycling

The Omne Air is available in a number of exciting colors

POC knew they had something fun on their hands when they created the Omne Air; the helmet has always come in a variety of colorways that lend themselves to the playful and adventurous spirit of the helmet. White and black are standard, but it’s also available in bright orange, purple, blue, and the pink you see on the Lachlan Dome above.

Not only does the variety of colorways allow the rider to express themselves, it also adds a layer of security. Being seen on the road or on the trails is imperative, so adding some pop to your helmet (or even rocking an all-white one) is never a bad idea. POC certainly knows what it’s doing here.

This POC helmet looks great on your head

When it comes to high performance helmets, appearance is not in general the first thing to think about. The more expensive ones that are made for pros on the road are full of aero technology that gives them fun angles and shapes, while high-end mountain bike helmets require a ton of bulk to protect you. None of these things really translate to a headset that looks stylish.

Although it’s still a bike helmet, the Omne Air’s slimmer profile keeps your head from looking huge, even if you have a small head or thin face. Not to mention the weight savings you get from a slim profile, which makes it much more comfortable on long rides or when mounted on a cycling cap.

From the front, you can see the huge vents that keep you cool in all riding conditions.

Will Porter

The dial on the back is easy to adjust for the perfect fit (straps are another story).

Will Porter

What’s Not Ideal About the Omne Air MIPS

It is far too difficult to adjust the fit of the straps

My only complaint with this helmet is that the straps are very hard to connect. Once they’re there you’re in the clear, but getting to that point requires a lot of pushing and pulling on the straps to move the plastic piece into the correct position. It’s obviously not a dealbreaker, but it can be a bit annoying.

POC Omne Air MIPS cycling helmet: the verdict

There are lighter helmets out there, and there are helmets that provide more coverage for mountain biking – but pound for pound, you’re not going to find a better helmet than this. It’s super affordable, and given that you can use it for all your biking needs, you get even more value; no need to have three helmets lying around.

Get sunglasses



Beyond its affordability and usefulness, you also get thoughtful details like what POC calls the “Eye Garage” – a clever design built into the front of the lid that lets you safely store your glasses. sun on the helmet when you take them off. It might seem like a small thing, but you’ll be grateful you can put them up there and have confidence that they won’t fall over when the going gets bumpy. (The Eye Garage works especially well with POC sunglasses, which are designed to work in tandem with all POC helmets.)

All in all, if you’re not sure which headset to buy and need something that can do it all…buy it.

Omne Air MIPS Helmet



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