2023 Husqvarna EE 3 and EE 5 | First Look Review

2023 Husqvarna EE 3
Husqvarna EE 5
2023 Husqvarna EE5

Husqvarna’s new electric minicycle, the 2023 EE 3, follows in the footsteps of the Husqvarna EE 5. First produced in 2020, the EE 5 was Husqvarna’s first step into electric mobility, designed with a focus on competition and performance to rival the 50cc petrol engines. motorcycles. The EE 5’s new younger brother, the EE 3, features much of the same high-quality technology, but in a smaller, more maneuverable package for budding cyclists just getting started.

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The EE 3 and EE 5 act as stepping stones for young riders, allowing them to get comfortable on a motorcycle without being overwhelmed. As e-bikes, there are no clutches or gearboxes to master, which simplifies the riding experience. Both bikes produce virtually no noise, making them ideal for riding in noise sensitive areas.


Husqvarna EE 5
The EE 5 is designed to compete with 50cc petrol minicycles.

While the EE 5 produces 5kW of peak power, making it competitive with gas-powered motorcycles, the EE 3 produces a less daunting 3.8kW of peak power. Both bikes’ electric motors have a slim and compact design, making them well suited to frames. The EE 5’s 907 Wh lithium-ion battery will last for two hours of general riding or 25 minutes of racing with a 70-minute charge time. Similarly, Husqvarna says the EE 3’s 648 Wh lithium-ion battery will last for two hours of general riding and 30 minutes of fast riding with a 60-minute charge time. The charger can be plugged into any 110 or 230 volt outlet.

Husqvarna EE 3
The slim design of the electric motor is well balanced in the frame of the EE 3.

Both the EE 3 and EE 5 feature adjustable saddle heights, so young riders can adjust their saddle as they grow. With a seat height of 23.6 inches and the ability to lower the saddle to 21.9 inches, the EE 3 will be more accessible to shorter riders than the EE 5, which is 26.2 inches and can be lowered to 24.2 inches. The EE 3 features 10-inch wheels front and rear, while the EE 5 sports a 12-inch front wheel and a 10-inch rear wheel.

Husqvarna EE 3 EE 5
The EE 3 has an adjustable seat height ranging from 21.9 inches to 23.1 inches, while the EE 5’s seat height can be adjusted from 24.2 inches to 26.2 inches.

Both bikes come with six different riding modes, so parents can adjust the power level to suit the rider and riding style. A dongle under the seat allows parents to lock out the ride mode so riders can’t switch to a more powerful ride mode in the middle of their ride. For added security, both bikes are equipped with a rollover sensor that immediately shuts off power and a wrist cord key that shuts off power in an out of control riding situation.

Technical highlights Husqvarna EE 3 and EE 5 2023

  • Electric motors with peak power of 3.8 kW (EE 3) and 5 kW (EE 5)
  • Six different driving modes
  • 648 Wh (EE 3) and 907 Wh (EE 5) lithium-ion batteries
  • 60 minutes (EE 3) and 70 minutes (EE 5) 100% vacuum charge time (claimed)
  • EE 3 seat height of 23.1 inches (adjustable to 21.9 inches)
  • EE 5 seat height of 26.2 inches (adjusts to 24.2 inches)
  • New MAXXIS MAXXCROSS MX-ST tires provide predictable grip on a variety of terrains
  • EE 3 tires are 10 inches
  • The EE 5 front tire is 12 inches and the rear tire is 10 inches
  • EE 3 features durable WP suspension
  • EE 5 features WP XACT air fork and WP XACT rear shock
  • Swedish-inspired design and new modern graphics with electric white, blue and yellow accents
  • The ergonomics are adjustable to adapt to the size of the pilot

The new 2023 EE 3 and the returning 2023 EE 5 will be available from October 2022.

Visit the Husqvarna website for more information.

Earnest L. Veasey